Autec GmBh Germany shall supply the direct purchaser with the guarantee that Autec light alloy wheels for passenger cars are free from material and workmanship defects, and declare themselves willing to render free replacement for each wheel that becomes inoperative within 24 months after the stamped-in manufacturing date in normal use and normal load due to material or manufacturing defects. This guarantee shall not cover improperly used wheels. An improper use shall be given, among other things, especially if the instructions for use and maintenance issued by the manufacturer are not observed or if the wheel has been modified subsequently or if the wheels are used outside the regular traffic, for example by using in cross country or for race-meetings. In this respect Autec will prove and appraise those wheels. The liability of Autec based on the guarantee shall only be explicitly limited to the replacement and the transport costs thus connected possibly. The guarantee shall not cover indirect or direct damage which might be caused to the direct purchaser by the occurrence of the guarantee-activating event. Legal and/or contractual guarantee claims of the direct purchaser shall not be affected by the warranty given above.

Contact Autec UK (Automotive Wheels Ltd) with any query to this warranty. Please note that Automotive Wheels Ltd will only serve this warranty to customers who purchased through an authorised UK dealer.